LaunchPad Scale


LaunchPad Commercial Pre-Roll Scale

Accurate Professional Pre-Roll Weighing System

How much labor time and money is spent ensuring pre-rolls are within target weights? How much revenue is lost in wasted product in overweight pre-rolls? Is your quality suffering from underweight pre-rolls?


Introducing the all-new STM LaunchPad commercial pre-roll scale and weigher.  Weigh a tray of 72 pre-rolls in just seconds, quickly and accurately.

Weigh 72-Joints at Once!

The STM LaunchPad Weigher saves time giving operators the power to identify rejects instantaneously via an easy pass/fail color-coded display, and precise weight readings for each individual pre-roll.

Perfectly Scalable

The STM LaunchPad & companion modules are designed with a small form, high impact footprint to maximize facility space. This modular system enables expansion & scalability as your needs grow.

Customizable Parameters

With a simple-to-use interface, operators can define the scale’s parameters by selecting the target pre-roll weight, paper weight (for proper taring) and most importantly – the desired tolerance percentage.

Industrial Pre-Roll Scales

LaunchPad Scale

STM Canna has hundreds of satisfied customers
in 41 U.S. States and 7 countries.

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  • “The RocketBox sets the standard for pre-roll machines.”

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  • “Our efficiencies have increased, labor costs have gone down, and it makes a superior product all around.”

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commercial pre-roll scale

A More Precise Pre-Roll Scale

The LaunchPad Weigher is the first and only modular, commercial pre-roll scale which weighs 72-joints at once and in seconds. The LaunchPad functions as a stand alone machine or better as part of STM Canna’s automated pre-roll workflow production system.

✅ Step 1

Load your filled tray to the LaunchPad scale.  Select your pre-roll size, target weight and your weight tolerance percentage on the touchscreen.

Step 2

Instantly view the heads-up display to see if your joints are within your weight tolerance. A Gray OK means you are good to go. If red, you can add or subtract material to each joint and make adjustments to your RocketBox. Save batch weigh data and export if you would like.

Step 3

Remove tray and place in the the (optional) STM Atomic Closer pre-roll closing machine for prompt folding in 45 seconds with a professional crowned fold.

Easily Weigh 72 Pre-Rolls in Seconds

The LaunchPad Reduces Costs

The LaunchPad commercial scale gives your staff the ability to view the weight of each individual pre-roll and identify rejects in an instant with a color-coded display, dramatically increasing production speed and output, 


With this new innovative module, your operation will greatly benefit from reduced labor hours, the ability to maintain precise quality control over the weight of your pre-rolls and maximize profits attributed to under or over filling.


Watch our Vimeo video that covers operation of the LaunchPad