Revolution 2.0

Consistent Grind Optimal for Pre-Rolls & Extraction

Revolution 2.0 Commercial Cannabis Grinder

Preserves Terpenes & Cannabinoids!

Designed to optimize grinding and extraction, the Revolution 2.0 commercial cannabis grinder delivers a consistent, homogenous grind, optimal for evenly packed rolls, extractions and higher potency of the product.  


The Revolution 2.0 employs a low heat, low friction approach to grinding to preserve terpenes and cannabinoids.  NO mashing or whipping which leads to degradation and potency loss.


From a 2021 independent study from Brilliant Health LLC, it was concluded that the STM Revolution 2.0 grinder had an absolute terpene loss of less than 1% at around a 9% moisture level and only a 0.5% terpene loss as a consequence of grinding. There was no significant decarboxylation or other chemical alterations of cannabinoids and terpenes from grinding with the Revolution 2.0.


“Use of the Revolution 2.0 resulted in equal or better retention of cannabinoids and terpenes under most of the conditions studied. This speaks to the importance of grinder engineering in the preservation of cannabis chemistry after grinding.”


The Revolution 2.0 grinder with scissor-like cuts, meticulously & carefully cuts up to 30 lbs per hour of dry flower perfect for unparalleled quality pre-rolls and extraction.


The Revolution 2.0 is constructed from industrial grade components and stainless  steel and aluminum food grade materials to prevent microbial growth.  


The Revolution grinder uses a low heat, low friction process to carefully preserve terpenes and cannabinoids. The Revolution Grinder is the only grinder backed by an Independent scientific study.


A closed-loop,  self-regulating system continually feeds of material to preemptively avoid system clogs.


The Revolution 2.0 commercial cannabis grinder is simple to use with a full touch screen controls for smooth operation.


The Revolution 2.0 grinder has an emergency e-stop button & 5-point safety system for safe, protected operation.

Advantages of an STM Commercial Cannabis Grinder


  • Scientifically Proven to Minimize Terpene, Cannabinoid Loss
  • Carefully grinds up to 30 lbs. Per Hour of Dry Flower with Minimal Degradation
  • Custom Dual Blades for Careful Cutting and Grinding
  • Low Heat, Low Friction Grinding to Preserve Terpenes & Cannabinoids
  • Interchangeable Fine & Coarse Particle Screens for Extraction & Pre-Rolls
  • Auto-Blade Oscillation Creating Scissor-Like Cuts
  • Self-Regulating, Closed-Loop System to Prevent Clogs
  • Homogenous & Consistent Particles
  • Auger Timing & Blade Speed Control
  • Long-lasting Commercial Components & Food Grade Materials

 Preservation of Material Loss

The Revolution 2.0 commercial cannabis grinder uses a patented dual blade system to cut material like scissors instead of whipping into a mash.  This allows for much lower heat grinding to minimize terpene and cannabinoid loss. This is most important when you want to preserve the integrity and potency of your ground flower. 

Customizable Settings 

Our Revolution 2.0 commercial cannabis grinder has customizable settings for blade speed, auger feed speed to allow for adjustments depending on material consistency, moisture level etc. You will not get this fine tuning on any whip style grinder.

 Easier to Clean

The new enhancements to the Revolution 2.0 weed grinder chute allows for easier detachment for quicker cleaning and maintenance. Trying to clean a whip grinder after material has mash onto the screens can be a nightmare.

Revolution 2.0 Reviews

Listen to our great clients and their positive experience using the RocketBox 2.0 Industrial Pre-Roll Machine

  • The Revolution Grinder is simply the Gold Standard of high throughput cannabis grinding. Since we started using “The Rev” we have seen higher potently results due to the gentleness and overall consistency of the grind. Highly Recommend! Thanks STM!

  • I love all the resources available and STM Canna checking in on us. It feels more like you want us to know and understand the machine. So far we have loved the excellent support and we are looking forward to producing more with you guys!

    Ascend Wellness
  • The customer service is amazing. We appreciate you guys checking in and helping us. I am looking forward to continuing to do business with you guys in the future. Thank you STM!

    Lazy River

Revolution 2.0

  • Grinds 15-30 Lbs Per Hour of Dry Flower
  • Preserves Terepenes and Cannabinoids
  • Dual-Blade Scissor-Like Cuts
  • Touch Screen Operation
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Industrial Cannabis Grinder
  • Simple to Use
  • Effortless Operation
  • Simple to Clean
  • Compact, Efficient and Affordable
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  • Grinds Cryogenically Frozen Flower
  • Sub-Zero Freezer and Refrigerator Safe
  • Excellent for Live Resin Extraction
  • Built-In Pre-Heating & Temp Control
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Ice Box Flat Farms

“This is the only cannabis grinder that’s good enough for the Ice Box Flat Farms pre-rolls”